Jih-Wen Yeh

Producer of Taiwan Season


Founder and producer of Step Out Arts, specialising in supporting artists and organisations in realising their performance projects. With over 18 years of experience in the performing arts, Jih-Wen works closely with artists and organisations from initial ideas to project development and final realisation. Her expertise includes budgeting, fundraising, project management, partnership brokering and curating programs to meet project objectives. Jih-Wen is involved in various international collaboration projects as a project-based senior producer and co-curator. Currently, she is working on a two-year Taiwan pilot project at The Place. She has been co-producing the Taiwan Season Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 2015. In addition, she is curating the Taiwan Season Symposium for the fourth year. Taiwan Season, titled ‘Connecting With Taiwan,’ was recognised with an ‘Infallibles Award’ in 2020. Jih-Wen’s dedication to her field has been acknowledged by Arts Council England, as she recently received a bursary to attend The Anthony Field Academy and the Manchester 2023 ISPA Congress.