LAI Hung-Chung is one of Taiwan’s most sophisticated young choreographers. This scintillating production for his company Hung Dance justifies the acclaim.
It is a non-stop feast of intensely expressive motion and sensations inspired by ideas about loss, longing, confrontation and evasion.Watching the dancers’ bodies is akin to reading their minds. The difficulty these resolutely modern people have in connecting may be their strongest connection.

The net effect is both feverishly intimate yet coolly detached, qualities enhanced by handsomely sculpted lighting and the textured pulsations of a rhythmically varied score. 


Hung Dance

Founded in 2017, Hung Dance’s name is derived from the Chinese character that means ‘to fly.’ 

Integrating elements of tai chi into contemporary thinking, LAI Hung-Chung's work expresses internal emotions through external physical states. He is also influenced by the subtle relationship between people and nature.

The company has toured Asia and Europe, and is interested in developing further cultural exchanges via its International Collaboration Project. 

Photo credit:CHEN Chang-chih
Performance Info


Taiwan Season: See You


Contemporary, Dance


Aug. 5th (FRI) - 28th (SUN) Mondays Off


17:30 In Person


Dance Base - Studio One


60 mins


Previews £15 (£13) / from Aug 7: £14 - £18  


Suggested for ages 5+