Connecting with Taiwan’ (August 15, Dance Base and online; August 16, Fringe Central)
In 2020 Taiwan Season responded to the pandemic by organising a virtual, month-long programme of in- depth, thematically varied webinars and stimulating artist interviews. For its brave and ingenious efforts Taiwan Season Online Symposium: ‘Connecting with Taiwan’ was rewarded with an Infallibles Award in the newly-established category of Fringe ‘National Presence.’ Following on from a successful partnership with ZOO TV in 2021, Taiwan Season Symposium 2022: ‘Connecting with Taiwan’ is back for a third consecutive time. This year's partnering organisations are Dance Base and, in tandem with the #Danish Showcase, Fringe Central. Once again the aim is to forge new links with members of the global arts industry, while also addressing issues of potential interest to anyone keen to follow developments in the arts in Taiwan and abroad. The three free, ticketed 90-minute discussions – the first two online and live, and the last primarily in-person – focus by turns on a handful of culturally and socio-politically relevant topics, and feature as guest speakers a gallery of presenters and producers, curators and directors, researchers and educators, dancers and choreographers, independent artists and activists from Taiwan, the UK and Denmark. 

Please note: all sessions will be conducted in English with BSL interpreters on-site.

Hosted by Jih-Wen YEH

© David Ball

Hosted by Donald Hutera

©Peter Robertshaw



Online Symposium Management Team 

Curator: Jih Wen Yeh
Project Manager: Tzu Yin Hsu 
Project Assistant : Hsiu Tzu Fang (Intern)
PR: Donald Hutera 
Graphic Design: David Ball
Trailer: Tiffany Lin

Organiser: Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office, UK
Director: Pin-Chuan Chen
Assistant Director: Ming Yi Yu
Produced by